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Rehabilitation following Acquired Brain Injury

We offer a holistic programme of psychological support and rehabilitation for people with acquired brain injury. This programme has evolved out of Susan’s background as a physiotherapist, research / counselling psychologist and counsellor. We work with clients and their families to attain the best possible level of functioning. We also provide guidance and support to practitioners and members of the rehabilitation team so as to provide the best possible rehabilitation environment.

Initial assessments: The initial assessment is highly practical and focuses on the immediate and long-term needs of the client. An assessment report is provided which outlines their rehabilitation needs, sets preliminary goals, and provides costs.

On-going rehabilitation: We provide a holistic rehabilitation programme which includes re-training of cognitive skills, psychological therapy and advice on dealing with the emotional problems resulting from head injury.

We generally work within multi-disciplinary teams and part of our role is to advise other health professionals on the management of clients and their families in order to provide the optimal rehabilitation environment e.g. suggesting management strategies; looking at factors in rehabilitation which can facilitate recovery; working through blocks to rehabilitation.

Functional gains can occur for many years post-injury; we will work both long- and short-term with clients as appropriate. We work with clients age 16 upwards.

 Goals of counselling & rehabilitation

Individuals who acquire brain damage either through stroke, accident or disease are confronted with major challenges, as are their families.  CPC:  

  • assesses the needs of individuals with brain damage and their families.
  • provides guidance and support to help individuals and their families work through any remaining effects of trauma
  • supports individuals and their families to develop alternative strategies to cope with new challenges
  • supports the individual to attain maximum functioning at home and in the wider community

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